Friday, August 10, 2012

How to send message to a person in facebook who blocked you or is not your friend/ Bypass the message privacy security in facebook

Its being long time i didn't find any interesting topic to post. But this post will really help lot of fellas... U can send message to a person who blocked you or send a message to anyone while their privacy settings does not allow you to send message.

Lets see...
facebook maintains his own email server, that means you have an email account in facebook, of cos if you have facebook acc. and thats where the magic comes.
Consider your facebook user name is sanjeev.kapoor then your facebook email ID will be . So how we send message to this email ID. Its simple just login to your gmail account and simply send the message to the above facebook ID.

See The Image Below:


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  2. That doesn't work and it never has. If the privacy settings do not allow you to message somebody through the site, then neither will it by email and I've tried it. ANd it's not new it's been that way ever since fb implemented that email thing.

  3. I forgot to say. That is if you use the same email you use for fb to try to message that person. If you use another one, it may go through, but will end up in the person's 'other' folder andthey won't know it is there nor will they ever see it, so there's no advantage there.

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