Friday, July 22, 2011

Google Dorks(Google search Operators)

If you don't know about Google dorks, believe me you are not using Google search efficiently. Consider an example where you want to search the pdf file for some topic, say "Steganography", the first thing you may type in Google search box is "Steganography" or "pdf Steganograph, but what you see the result is- its not only the pdf files,
you may have got some unnecessary result. So, to handle this kind of situation Google Dorks comes into eixstance.

Google Dorks are the search operators. Below is the list of search parameters(operators):-

1. intitle:- It will return the only those results(page) whose title contains the specified word or phrase.
example:- intitle:login will return the pages in which the title contains the word "login".
Or intitle:admin login

2. allintitle:- Is same as "intitle" but the only difference is, it will return only those pages whose title match with the whole phrase of the search.

3. inurl:- It will give the result of those sites whose URL contains the specified word or phrase.
Example:-inurl:hackingexploded will return the pages whose URL contains the phrase(word) "hackingexploded".

4.filetype:- As I said earlier sometimes it is necessary for us to find the result in particular type of file say "pdf".
Example:- filetype:pdf hacking will return all the pdf files related to "hacking". It will return all the pages of the specified website. will return all the pages present in "".

6.related:- It will return the websites which related to the specified website.
Example:- we know that provide the service for sending fake sms. What if we want to know more of such websites. it will return all the websites which provides fake sms sending services.

7.cache:- It will return the cached page of the specified website, which are kept with Google.
this operator will come handy when a website is down and you still want to view its contents. will show the page( which is cached by Google in previous date.

8. Know how to access the unprotected cameras using Google:-
inurl:view/index.shtml:- It will return the results of all those cameras which are not secured.
You can refine the search as per your need, as an example:- 
inurl:view/index.shtml beach will return all insecure cameras in beaches.
inurl:view/index.shtml hotel.

9. This is not about the Google dorks- you may have seen "I am feeling lucky" button in Google search, you may have wondered what does that button do.
The simple answer is-  instead of returning different results related to your search, it will direct you to the website(webpage), which is first ranked page in your search.


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