Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to use meme/derp in facebook Chat? / how to share images in facebook chat?

facebook has this new feature.. through which we can share the "MEMES" in facebook chat.. and fortunately that same feature can be used to share any other images of your choice..
Lets see first how to share these memes in fb chat...

Its quite easy, you just have to paste the codes in the fb chat may be wondering what code this is about.. facebook has assigns every image a code and in the same way these memes have codes too. Check the below link for codes:

Example code: [[129627277060203]]
Just copy and paste the  codes to get the meme, in chat... 

Now lets see using the same above feature how we can share any other images inside facebook(it can be any image-many blogger posted as we can put only profile pictures, thats not just it)

facebook maintains a fbid for all images, so you can use those ID's as a code..
Lets see an example:
lets say we have opened a image in facebook, so if you check the url of the image, their you can see the fbid of the image, copy that ID.....
below link is a url for a image:

use the  underlined ID as [[466081283407342]] inside the chat window, and you sent the image from chat window :)
but the image you see is too small to what to do? its simple just right click the image and click "view image".

NOTE:- the most interesting thing to note here is that, you can use facebook username or UserID as code, in this case the image will be the profile pic of the respective user but unfortunately the image is how you will see in home page...that means it will be small and incomplete image...

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