Friday, August 19, 2011

Use Proxy Server to hide your IP address/ Anonymous browsing using proxy server

This is the first thing probably you should know, hiding your IP Address or making yourself anonymous is not a difficult task. In this post I will teach how to hide your IP using Proxy Server. Believe me, still you won't be anonymous, don't think no one can find you, the only thing you should know is you are only making them harder to find you.

Before we start lets get familiar with the term Proxy Server.
From the Latin word "proximus" which means "close". A proxy is actually a server which helps you have anonymity on the Internet. It is like a wall between you and the net. When you use a proxy, the webpage on the other side won't be able to see you, but just the wall (proxy), thus making you anonymous. 
What exactly proxy will do is- it will send and receive request on your behalf, so the server you want to connect to will know the proxies IP address rather than yours.
To connect to a proxy you need to have the IP address of the Proxy and the port number you want to connect to.

So the Question is How to Do it?

1. Using a web proxy like
2. Let the tool find the proxy server and connect to it automatically.
3. Find the online proxies around the world and connect to them. 

I don't there is any explanation needed for this method, just go to and just type the name of the server(URL) you  want to connect to.
You can use the options available below the text box. Use SSL if you want secure connection(encrypted), And its not mandatory that use random proxy server you  can choose the proxy from the list of countries available.
Other websites which provide the similar kind of services:-

Setup the connection to proxy using Tool. Click Here to download the tool.
this tool has the capability to find the anonymous proxies and it will automatically connect to that proxy.
To confirm go to and check your IP before and after you start the application.
Image of Proxy connector

In this method we will connect   manually to the proxy. First of all find the proxy server which is highly anonymous, the list of IP and port of proxy can be found in or .
-> Note down the name of the proxy and port number, sometimes the IP and port may be given in the form of ":" is the port number).
-> Now we will have to edit the proxy settings in the Browser, in this post I will be explaining you with Mozilla Firefox If you have any doubt on how to edit the settings on other browsers contact me or leave the comment.
-> Go to Tools->Advanced Tab->click on "settings" button.

-> Inside the "connection settings" window choose "Manual proxy settings" And write down the IP address and port number(try to find highly anonymous proxy) you have noted 
Check on "Use this Proxy server for all protocols".
Now click "Ok"

To check whether your IP has changed go to


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