Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to run an exe file when an image file is clicked.

Its a simple technique which can come handy when you want to deliver a exe file, especially a trojan or a keylogger, to victim.

Before we start you should better change some of the settings in your PC like "showing hidden files and folder" and "showing the file extension" to edit such settings open "My Computer->Tools(menu bar)->Folder Options->View" and change the settings there, you will be knowing shortly why I am forcing you to do this changes.

1.First thing you need to do is , put your exe file and image file inside same folder.
2.Now go to the properties of image file and you will see a "Change" button click on that and than browse for your exe file which is in the same folder and select it and click "ok".
3.Now whenever the image file will be clicked the exe file will run. But the exe file can be seen and still it can be suspicious for the victim, so better we hide the exe file, to do that open the properties of exe file and check on "Hidden" check box.
4. So the only question left is how do we deliver it? and one more thing we must keep in our mind that the two files must be together, that is in same folder, to do so best thing we can do is archive or zip those files together. 
Note:- Change the icon of the exe file using any icon changer tool. And when you deliver the archived or zipped file, don't just give one or two images archive some 10 to 20 images, which will be enough to confuse the victim.

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