Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some useful commands?How to use attrib and cacls command in DOS

To open command prompt go to "run" type in "cmd" press "ok".
Whenever you need to type in the full path of the folder, just drag the file or folder to the command prompt.

Used in steganography that is to hide a object inside another.
Syntax:- D:\>copy /b "full path of file"+"full path of other file" filename.extension

Example:-D:\>copy /b image.jpeg + note.txt  abc.jpeg
After execution of this command the binary(/b) of image.jpeg is copied to note.txt file and combined  they are named as abc.jpeg.
And whenever we open that file the image will open, but wait we can also see the text part of the file to do so open abc.jpeg with notepad and check the bottom.

You may be thinking What is the use of this trick?, one thing you can do is amaze your friends with this trick and secondly you can hide your "holy ;)" videos inside any image file. I mean it will save your ass from your parents.

Changing Permissions of a folder using CACLS command
CALS- Change Access Control List
/e-Edit Mode
N-Permissions to None
F-Full Control
Example:- >cacls "fullpath of folder name" /e /p Everyone:N
In the above example permissions to the folder will be denied for everyone that means no one can view the folder.

Hiding The Folder Using ATTRIB command
To hide a folder goto command prompt and type-
>attrib +s +h "full path of folder name"

To unhide a folder goto command prompt and type-
>attrib -s -h "full path of folder name"

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