Saturday, September 24, 2011

Use Proxy Chaining to hide your trace/hide your IP address/Anonymous browsing(use multiple proxies to connect to a server)

If you don't know what is proxy click here to read more about proxy.
Proxy chaining is a method of connecting to multiple proxy servers before connecting to your intended server. This method can be very effective in hiding your IP address(for anonymity) or we can say it will be very difficult to trace the IP address when we use multiple proxies. We can use as many proxy we want but it will certainly decrease our internet speed too.
In this post i will be sharing 2 methods to accomplish proxy chaining.
1. Using websites
2. Using tools

Method1- Using websites
In this method we will use different websites that provides anonymous surfing services( free proxy services) like:-
Likewise find other websites which provides similar services, to search for such websites just type: or in Google search box.
Now go to any such website and type the URL of another proxy service website and inside that type another proxy website and finally type your required website. This way you can create proxy chain of any length.
your browser-->>>>>your website name

Method2- Using tools:
Proxy Chain Builder Click Here to download.
Install and run this tool. 
1. you can connect to 30 different proxies in a single chain.

2. You can add any number of proxy list. The program will automatically rank as per your settings.

3. Check the status to see, which proxy server is used at that moment.

Proxy Server Agent: to download.
Install and open proxy server agent and click on proxy, inside that click on "add" button and add the proxies. For list of proxies, go to
Now click on "chains" and select the proxy chain type and create a new chain(click on add)  and inside that chain add proxy from the list.

Note: The type of proxy in the chain and the last proxy in the chain must be of same type.


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