Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Download Youtube video/ Software(application) to download youtube video/ How to use Orbit to download the youtube Videos.

Click Here to download OrbitDownloader file.

1. Download the file and install, remember while installing, it will automatically integrate with your default browser(don't forget to check when you install,  to which browser the grab++ is integrated).
Note: grab++ is the application, using which the OrbitDownloader will grab the video for download from the respective browser.
2. Now open the OrbitDownloader go to tools menu(alt+t), in that click on "Grab++".
3. Now go to the browser(eg mozilla) where Grab++ is integrated, and open the Youtube video you want to download.
4. Come back to the opened Grab++ window and search for something like "videoplayback.flv"(default name) that's your required video.
5. Select the video and Click on the download button at the bottom right and soon you download will start in orbit.

See image below(click on the image for zoom mode):

Open Grab++

Select video to grab only video files

Open the video you want to download in mozilla(default)

Wait till the video is grabbed and shown in Grab++

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