Friday, September 23, 2011

How to check whether the email is fake or not?

In this tutorial I will explain how to check whether the email delivered to you is fake or not? This simple way to do this is check the "header" of your email.  Every email contains header, header tells the path followed by email till it reaches the destination. One thing to note here is that the header doesn't contain any personal information, so using headers you can only know whether the email is fake or not. Oh! you may be wondering what this header is and where do I find it? Lets see.
Where to Find header of an email?
Gmail: if your view is basic html, you may see show original above message. And if you are using new form of gmail then, you will see the drop down arrow beside reply button, in that click on show original. See the image.

New Gmail Format

Basic Html

Yahoo: In the drop down settings button choose view full header.

Before we start lets see first how exactly a header of real email header looks like. 

In the above figure I( got an email from a real gmail account. And therefore it shows that, received from:

Now lets consider that received a mail from email ID, which is sent from the website email sending website), that means its a fake. See the image.

 In the above figure as we can clearly see, in place of its something which is obviously not Google or you can check the underlined IP address in, it will again show the same domain name i.e
And If you received an email from Yahoo email ID then "Received From" field must contain

<something> example- "" or "" or anything like that

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  1. The link does not work. You may change it to Also, extracts the IP or IP addresses from the email headers.