Friday, September 16, 2011

Know How to create server.exe keylogger for Remote Monitoring

In this post i will share the keylogger which is capable of building server.exe file, you may be wondering what is this server. exe file, This server.exe file is created as per our requirement(i.e. we can create for kelogging, capturing screen shots, monitoring sessions etc) and deliver this file to victim, as soon as the victim clicks the server file it starts monitoring the system and sends the feedback to client(email ID or client installed in your PC). Apolyse Keylogger is well capable in doing this. Click Here to download Apolyse keylogger.
1. Run apolyse keylogger and build a server.
2. Hide the server file with some image. Click Here to know how to run exe file when image file is clicked.
3. Deliver the file to victim via email or upload this in file sharing websites(like,,

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