Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Install the Keylogger in victims PC and know how to remotely access the captured keyloggings

In this tutorial I will explain how to set up remote kelogger using Actual Spy Keylogger, Click Here to download Actual Spy. Install it in Victims PC.

1. Open actual spy and go to setting tab. And under Start up options, check "start at the system loading", "hide at start up" and "start monitoring at loading".
2. Now under hiding options, check all four options.
3. Enable password so that no one can change your settings or view the logs. And apply the settings.
See The Image Below For Details:

Before going to step four you must create your ftp server. To do so create a account in " " with some username say "keylogger", then you ftp server name will be ""
4. Now go to "Report Sending" tab under settings. Inside that Click on the option "send report via FTP"
5. In the right  panel fill up the details:
In ftp server address: enter your account's URL in say
Port: 21
Username and Password field: Enter your account's login username and password.
6. Send a test report if its working. And if necessary setup the time interval "when to send".And click on Apply the settings.
7. Login to and check for the directory name something like date-time(2011-9-11-10-20), enter the directory and check the result.

7. Click on "Start Monitoring" button. Click "Hide".

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