Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to access the blocked website?

At times you may encounter situation where you are unable to access some of the websites(like social networking sites) since they are restricted or blocked by your college admin or in any organization by some higher authority. In many countries they block all torrent, porn and file sharing websites. In this tutorial I will be sharing you the technique of how to access the blocked website and how actually they are blocked.
Lets see first what are the ways in which a website can be blocked:
Here I won't be giving detailed explanation of how to block a website, for further details search in Google. I will give you the idea how they can be blocked.
1. Websites can be blocked through browser. There is a inbuilt settings in many browser to block websites like Chrome and IE and some browser use addons to block like Firefox.
2. Sometimes softwares(like chrome nanny, website blocker, leechblock...) can be used to block websites.
3. Websites can be blocked using Firewall or Router.
 One such Firewall
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4. Sometimes websites administrator blocks the website to some IP address it can be of country. They put all IP's of country in database and checks for the IP address to restrict access.
5. By editing "hosts" file in you PC.
6. And sometimes your ISP's may block websites as per the demand of government.

How to access a block websites:

1. Some times an application maintains a list of domain name of blocked websites in such situation type IP address instead of domain name. To get the IP address go to cmd and ping the domain name(eg: /> ping
2. Check the host file, there is possibility that someone edited your host file. This(hosts) file is located at "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc"(open with notepad to view the content.  Image below shows how a typical hosts file looks. 

There shouldn't be any extra IP-domain combination, If you find any just delete those lines and save it.
3. Use Proxy Servers. To do so you can edit the proxy settings in the browser or you can. Click Here (only go through the methods) to read how to connect to proxy.
4. Use the Google cached pages of the website. Google an other search engine gives you the cached pages of the website i.e. page of the website which is stored in there database in some early date. See the image:

5. There are some of the websites which provide the services similar to Google cache, one of such website is Go to this website and access the latest cached page of your blocked website.
6. Use SSH tunnel to By pass the Firewall, Click Here to read how to set up the SSH tunnel. But I don't  think this is the best technique since it takes time to make ssh connection.
7. You can get the web pages you want via Email. sends the website you want to read in your email. Just mention the blocked site url in subject and send mail to

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