Monday, July 18, 2011

How Email Works? Make your PC a email server.

Email Sending and Receiving is controlled by email server. All email service providers configure their Email server before anyone start communicating digitally. When the servers are ready users from across the world register in to this Email server.
How Email Travels?
Lets say we have 2 email providers and, Now consider "A" is registered to and "B" is registered to
Now consider sends an email to, now the email from the node(computer) of is forwarded to the yahoo server further the email is forwarded to gmail server through Internet and now the email is kept in the gmail's database and the other person can login to view the email sent by

Convert your desktop PC into email sending server
Email server software  like  Free SMTP server, Hmail server etc can be used to convert your PC into a email server. One which is used for windows is "hmail server". Click here to download the hmail server.

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