Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Onion Routing(Hide you trace/hide your IP address/Be anonymous using Onion routing))

A technique, originally developed by the U.S. Navy, to hide the true origin of packets in the internet.
In onion routing, packets are sent through a network of randomly selected proxy servers before being delivered to their final destination.
So the question is Why Onion routing is better option than using Proxy Servers, the answer is- the owner of proxy server can reveal your identity.

So Whats the theory behind the Onion Routing?

Tor is the  application built for onion routing, its an application which makes a socket connection to an Onion Routing Proxy, instead of making a (socket) connection directly to a destination machine,. That Onion Routing Proxy builds an anonymous connection through several other Onion Routers to the destination. And after each change in router the encryption level changes and because of that its not easy to track the data.

How to Use the TOR?

1. First click here to download the TOR application.
2. Install it, while installing check on all four options i.e Vidalia, Tor, Polipo and Torbutton.
Torbutton is actually add-on to mozilla firefox so, we are using mozilla for using tor application.
3. After installing Tor open the vidalia control panel( it can be found in task bar with onion symbol) in that hit "Start Tor"
4. Now open the firefox go to "Tools" menu inside that click on "Add-ons" you should see Torbutton add-on, install it.
5. Restart the firefox, now in the bottom right corner of the browser you should see the red "Tor disabled" click on that, it will turn green saying "Tor Enabled".
6. We are done, go to whatismyip.com and check your IP address, you will see changes in every 2 to 3 minutes.
Note:- Its always better to use Tor with proxy, so first find the highly anonymous proxy(click the link to find http://www.freeproxylists.net/) and Note the IP and port and then open firefox->Tools(menu)->Add-ons in that click on "options" button in Torbutton addon, Edit the IP and port, to know further about proxy click here.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it will slow down your net speed. Since it goes through different connections it takes time to reach the response to your actual IP address


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