Saturday, August 6, 2011

Method to Move the virus to Startup Folder

This trick can be used to extract a file in a particular location. That means we can use this trick to move a Virus program to "startup" folder so that whenever a victim turns his/her PC, the virus will activate. Not only for virus you can use this trick for other purpose like replacing the actual "hosts" file of PC with modified "hosts" file. 
Note:- before using this trick convert the bat file to exe file using bat to exe converter, Click here to download.
Follow The Steps Below:

1. Right click the exe(eg abc.exe) file and click on "add to archive"( install winrar, in case you don't see the option).
2. Check the option "create SFX archive", you may have observed that your Archive name changed to something like this "abc.sfx.exe".

3. Now go to "Advanced" tab and click on "SFX option" button.

4. Now in the field "Path to Extract" type:
"%allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\startup\"

5. Go to "modes" tab and click on "hide all" option under "silent mode".

6. Click "OK" and you are done.

Do not practice these tricks in your PC, use virtual machine in your PC to make and run these virus. One such virtual machine is Sun VirtualBox. Click Here to download.
After installing this Virtual Box install XP or 7 inside it(installing procedure is same). 

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