Sunday, August 14, 2011

Set the backdoor to hack into Windows Account

In this tutorial I will explain how to  hack  into windows account by setting up Backdoor. There are few changes in this technique for XP and W7/Vista. If we want to open a Task Manager, we have to press alt+ctrl+del(same time), now imagine, how a handicapped(with one hand) person will open task manage, for this reason windows provides sticky keys .To activate sticky keys (or to execute sethc.exe file) we have to hit the shift key five times i.e whenever we hit the shift key five times sethc.exe runs, now consider somehow we changed the name of cmd.exe to sethc.exe, now whenever we press shift key five times command prompt will open and this will be our backdoor.

Lets see Step By Step Process:
1. Go to "C:\WINDOWS\system32" inside that search for "cmd".
2. Copy that "cmd" in desktop and change the name to "sethc", again copy the renamed(sethc) to "C:\WINDOWS\system32" folder(replace the existing sethc)
3. Click shift key five times if you see command prompt, our backdoor is set.
4. Now whenever you are in login screen just press shift key five times and you will get command prompt.
5. In command line type net user and hit enter, you will see the user accounts in that PC.
6. Now type net user <username> * and hit enter(eg \>net user administrator *). Then you will be asked to set password, type any password and confirm it again. You are done now login using the set password.

Note: For windows7 and vista we need to make some changes. Lets see:
1. Right click the cmd and select run as administrator.
2. When you are replacing sethc you may get error saying "you must have admin access..." to avoid this before replacing right click original sethc file select properties->security tab->Click on Advanced button->Click on Change permissions button->select user->click on Edit button->select full control check box and press OK. Apply all changes.

In Case you have lost your sethc file while practicing this technique, download from below links:
1. Sethc for vista 
2. Sethc for windows7
3. Sethc for XP

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