Thursday, July 14, 2011

Using Keyloggers to crack passwoords(basics)

What is a Keylogger?
Keylogger is a kind of spyware or program that run on background and that is used to monitor and log all keystrokes. Some kelogger may capable of capturing screen shots. This keylogger is used by hackers to steal the sensitive data like passwords. A keylogger can be hardware or software. Hardware keylogger are generally plugged into USB socket and have their own inbuilt memory which stores the keystrokes. Software keylogger are programs they can be used remotely or in local machine. In this tutorial we will be dealing with software keyloggers.
Local Keylogger
These keyloggers are installed in the PC and used to monitor the same PC. Generally parents, college admins use this keyloggers to keep track of the activities. One such keylogger is Home Keylogger. Using such keylogger its not possible to monitor remote computer. But still if you have such keylogger installed in your PC you can get your friends password by making them login through your PC.

Remote Keylogger:
These keylogger fall in two categories.
1. For this method we must have physical access to the victims PC.  In this method Keylogger is installed in victims PC, which will monitor and maintain the logs for victims keystrokes and actions. And the program will send those logs to the hacker via email. Click Here to read how to set up a remote kelogger in victims PC
2. In this method, a server file(exe) is built and is sent to the victim, when victim clicks the exe file(server), the server file starts monitoring the victims PC and sends the information to the client(installed in attacker's PC) or sends to the attacker's email ID. Click Here to know how to create a server.exe file.

Click On the below links to download the respective Keyloggers:
Actual Spy Keylogger 
Ghost Keylogger 
Home Keylogger 
Remote Keylogger 
Armadax Keylogger

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