Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to create an Autorun.inf file for CD's

This can be the one of the technique to delver the virus or a Trojan Horse to a victim. In this post I will sharing method to create Autorun.inf file. Before we start lets see what this autorun.inf file is?

Autorun.inf itself is a ismple configuration file that tells the operating system which executable to start, which icon to use, and which additional menu commands to make available. In other words, autorun.inf tells Windows how to deal open the presentation and treat the contents of the CD.

A simple Autorun file example:-


Method-1(Creating Manually):-

Consider that you want to run your virus or Trojan whenever a person clicks on CD.
1. Create a autorun.inf file and save it inside a folder say virus.
2. Place your server.exe file inside virus folder, keep some other files if you want to.

3. Burn the contents of the folder in a blank CD.
Now whenever you insert that CD in drive and double click to open the server.exe file will run automatically in background.

Note:- Before burning to a CD, the contents can be tested by creating virtual image of CD. Follow the steps Below:-
1. Right click the virus folder you created->Ultra ISO-> add to "virus.iso".
2. The virus.iso file will be saved in the same location where your virus folder exist.
3. Right click that virus.iso file and open with ultraISO.
4. Inside ISO go to Tools menu->Mount to Virtual  drive-> and click on mount button.
5. Go to My computer and open the respective cd drive you can see the CD image is mounted which looks exactly like CD(virtual).
6. Click on it your autorun.inf file will run and server.exe will get executed.

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