Monday, August 29, 2011

Have your own Domain Name for your PC/ How to get a domain name for a computer.

Before you read this article I recommend you to read the article How to create your own web server.
So how to get the public Domain name?
1. Go to, and create and account.
2. Login and Click on the button Add a Host inside members page.

ads by AdXpansion 3. Write the host name you like in text box. And Select DNS Host(a) option.
4. Enter your IP address. To know your IP address go to command prompt and type ipconfig, first field is your IP address.
5. Click the button create host. You can clearly see that that your Host name is listed.
note:- you can create maximum of three hosts.
6. Download there dynamic DNS update client for windows(or linux) and run it in your PC.
7. Open the "No-Ip Duc" from start menu and click on select host and select any host you created.
8. Now test, if its working open the browser and type in your host name example

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