Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get the IP address of a Computer.

In this tutorial i will show how to get the IP address of any computer. Follow the steps below:-

1. First of all register to a free web hosting site like
2. Create a file ip.php and open with notepad and paste the following code inside it.

ip.php(copy the following code)
$file = "capture.txt"; //file in which IP address will be stored.
$f=fopen($file, 'a'); //open the file in append mode
fwrite($f,$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."\n"); //write the IP address into the file
fclose($f); //close the file
<h1>Requested page not found</h1>

3. Now create a blank file named "capture.txt".
4. Upload both files in capture.txt and ip.php).
5. Give the URL of your php file to the victim say "". As soon as     the user clicks this file the IP address will be stored in the file "capture.txt".
6. Open the "capture.txt" file in the browser( and note the password.

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