Friday, August 26, 2011

Sending Anonymous SMS to any Number

This post is about sending Anonymous SMS trick. May be you have seen sms coming from TD-Naaptol and other similar services(for advertisement purpose). Using this trick you can do the same.To send such sms go to any of the website given below, enter the number and message and send it(no login required).

Sometimes message delivery may take some time.
These websites may add some advertisement with your sms so if possible write a sms which is quite related to advertisement.

You may be thinking what is the use of this technique?
Consider a situation-Someone is annoying you by sending sms or some annoying message comes to you from unknown number. You want to know who is sending you the messages. In such cases this method can come handy.
Lets say you send a sms from one of this website saying "You won a shopping coupon worth Rs500 from abc shopping mall, Thank you for coming to our store.
 Please send you Name,Age and Email to 945....... no. or email the details in Forward before your coupon expires,Thank You". Now only thing you have to wait for his details to come. And within a minute or two you have is name.

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