Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to create an invisible folder/Folder Without Name(Invisible folder)

This is a simple trick, you can use it to amaze your friends or you can actually hide a folder using this trick.
Go to the folder you want to rename, right click and select rename,
delete the existing name and type "alt + 255" or "alt + 32" or alt + 0160" then hit enter and you are done.
Note:-  Use Num pad for typing Numbers.

So we know how to create a folder without name, now lets see how to hide this folder:-
1.To do so go to the folder you renamed and open its properties.
2.Inside that go to Customize Tab and click on "change Icon".
3.Search for the blank icon(without any image), select that Icon and press "ok".
Woohooo your folder is invisible, but still its in the same place, just hover the mouse over that area it will show the details of the folder.

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