Thursday, August 11, 2011

Send fake SMS(send SMS from mobile number you want)

This is one of the excellent and high rated tricks in my book, you can use this trick to Send Fake SMS i.e. you can send SMS to anyone using any number you like. This is one of the greatest weapon which you can use against your enemy. And if you are reading this its best for you not to reveal the trick to anyone. 
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Note:- This trick may not work in some SIMS but I have successfully used in Airtel.
How to send SMS?
1.Go to the website
2.Create a new account.
3.login and send fake sms and do keep the international code with the numbers while sending the message  example:-"918790156895"
4.Take your revenge.

How to Know if the SMS is Fake? 
1. Just check the message center number of the message in the details section in your inbox.
2. Click Here to check the service provider of the msg center.
3. Now consider you got a message from a vodafone no. but the website shows something else like BPL or any other, in this case you can assure that the message is fake.


  1. Anyone tell me whether this trick works for docomo and cellone

  2. No, I doesn't works on docomo or cellone. After registration you may not get the confirmation code.

  3. Thank you for directory list, ... hopefully more successful ..

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