Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to use facebook timeline? How to delete or search the post in facebook timeline

First of all let me clear what this facebook timeline really is? In the new facebook timeline every past posts and photos are displayed in accordance with time, and the best part of this feature is you can search and view your earlier post with ease. In this post i will be explaining the features of timeline and and how to use those features.

How to view/browse your earlier posts in timeline?
In the right side of your profile you will see a timeline showing the months and years,  Consider a situation if you want to see your post which you may have posted on April 2011, which is very time consuming and frustrating in the old profile. But in case of new timeline its just matter of few clicks, just click on 2011 followed by Apr(see image).
Now consider you want to search a photo in that particular month(April). But unfortunately you have many unwanted posts on that particular month, timeline gives you the option to filter those posts. After clicking on the month, in the top left corner click on highlights and inside that select and click "Activity Log"( see the image below).
Inside the activity log page you will see logs of your all posts arranged as per the dates, if you want to delete your photo which you have posted in the month of april, just click on April, you will see all posts in april. If you want to filter it further, click on "All" In top left corner and chose the type of post you want to search but right now those links may not work as facebook is working on that. And the best part of this "Activity Page" is you can  change the date of your post, add location to the post or you can hide it from timeline.

How to Use Timeline to post an update in the earlier date?
Consider a situation where you want to post your bday photos, but unfortunately by some reason you are unable to post your photo in your Birth date, now think how nice it could be if you had a magic wand which will reverse the time and will take back to your birth date so that you can upload the pics on that day. And facebook does have that magic wand, which is non other than our timeline. Lets see how to do it.

In your profile you will see a timeline, just run down the timeline to the date where you want to upload the photo, you will see a plus symbol when you point the cursor on the timeline, just click on the plus symbol to update your status or upload photo on that particular date.
Note:- Once you have enabled the timeline there is no way to go back to old profile view, at least not now.

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