Thursday, December 15, 2011

[video] yeahh!! it happens on live television!/ facebook scam

Recently facebook has been hit by a viral video scam.  When we click that video it will direct us to a blog website and asks  to download the DIVX plugin to watch the video. Even after you install the plugin you won't be able to see any video.
The reason is there is no video instead the plugin you installed is a malware/spyware which will compromise your personal details it can be your password or any info in the PC. It can be a Flash based attack which is built to steal your cookies(info related to login). And remember that video is not sent by your friend. And as soon as you saw this video inform your friend about the same.

What you should do when you have already downloaded such file?
Chrome browser:- Go to "Settings" section in your browser, in that search for "Tools" option and in that click on "Extensions". Remove the plugin you added.

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